Gosdar Mfg. Co., Ltd

CNC anodized case & shell of aluminum manufacturing expert

Mechanical keyboards & keycaps, Mechanical keypads & touchpads, Mechanical tablet & ipad,  etc.

We are a Hong Kong company and we have factories in China.

We have specialized in make CNC anodized case & shell of aluminum mechanical keyboards & mechanical keycaps, CNC anodized case & shell of keypads & touchpads, CNC anodized case & shell of aluminum tablet & ipad, CNC anodized case & shell of aluminum smart home products, etc.

We have 2 factories (plants). 1)The CNC processing plant has nearly 100 CNC and auxiliary equipment. 2)The anodizing plant has complete facilities and sufficient personnel.

Our 2 factories have nearly 100 employees, professional cooperation teams and several engineers, specialized in design and development of case & shell of aluminum mechanical keyboards & mechanical keycaps, keypads & touchpads, tablet & ipad, smart home products.

We can do one-stop services from CNC machining-CNC lathe-polishing-repair-oxidation-high light-laser, etc. We have provided OEM production for the top 10 mechanical keyboard brands in the world for more than 5 years, and many products continue to be produced if you visit you can see many well-known brands flowing on our production line in the factory.

Welcome more mechanical keyboard brands from all over the world to provide samples and drawings, OEM and customized.

If you want to visit CNC anodized case & shell running keyboards video, please click:

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Keyboards 00005 Keyboards 00006 Keyboards 00007 Keyboards 00008
Keyboards 00009 Keyboards 00010 Keyboards 00011 Keyboards 00012
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